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The 16 Small Details Of Bathroom Decoration Can Save Half Of Housework

As the saying goes, Golden Kitchen and Silver Bathroom, Family is more harmonious

However, many people do not pay so much attention to the bathroom during the decoration. In fact, the bathroom is the place we use the most frequently. It is not just to follow the trend or spend more money. You have to know these 16 small details about the bathroom!

Pull out faucet

The installation of stretchable faucets in the bathroom is definitely the gospel of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Usually, the water outlet can be replaced with several switches, and it has the same function as the shower head in the bathroom. Pull to wash your hair, put it back when not in use, and go to work in a hurry in the morning, and you don’t have to open the shower to get water all over.

pull out faucet

Store cleaning tools behind the door

The toilet door is used to store cleaning tools, which is much simpler and more cost-effective than a special storage cabinet. When the door is opened, it is blocked and does not affect the appearance. The wall-mounted cleaning tool can drain and dry well, and will not produce peculiar smell. It can be cleaned directly in the bathroom, and the moving line is short.

store behind the dorr

Hair dryer rack

Do not put the hair dryer directly on the countertop. It can be stored in a nail-free shelf. It is recommended to choose a coil with a coil to reduce the plug’s water contact. It is best to use this general type. All kinds of hair dryers can be placed, and the color matching value is high. Decorate the bathroom.


The bathroom cabinet is suspended 30 cm

The bathroom cabinet hangs 30 cm in the air, which is better to clean than leaving a small gap. You can also put storage baskets at the bottom, and the whole is not bulky. Of course, if you do this, it is best to make the toilet drain as a wall drain, so that the bottom will not expose the ugly drain pipe.



Dry and wet separation

If the toilet cannot be separated from the Japanese style, it is better to separate the wet and dry so that washing and going to the toilet will not interfere with each other. This is especially true if the household has a large population.


wet and dry

Smart toilet

Although the smart toilet is expensive, it is the toilet with the highest technical content and the best usability.

smart toilet


Alcoves are the best way to increase storage space in the bathroom, especially for ultra-small bathrooms. Shelves will affect the shower. It is better to add two niches when decorating. In this way, shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, etc. can be put down. The middle of the niche can be made of bricks or ecological wood. When fixed, it is slightly tilted outwards so that no water will accumulate.

soap place

Toilet spray gun

The toilet spray gun has many functions. It can not only clean the toilet, but also clean the wall and floor of the bathroom. Because of the great impulse, it can be cleaned with one flush, saving housewives half the effort.


Set up shower slippers storage area

Remember to set up a slippers storage area in the bathroom shower area, but it is never recommended to put the slippers directly in the place, not to mention the humidity, it looks very messy. Choose such a wall-mounted slippers rack, so that each slippers can be kept dry and hygienic in time.


Porcelain glue instead of glass glue

The gap between the toilet base and the ground is generally made of glass glue, and the glass glue will become moldy after using it for a period of time. It is better to use porcelain glue, which is cheap and not moldy. Compared with glass glue, it is also necessary to repeatedly remove mold, which is also a lot easier and more cost-effective.



The heater in the shower area is more powerful than the bathroom heater and exhaust fan. It not only has the function of exhaust and ventilation, but also can heat, dehumidify, provide heating in winter, and dry clothes. It is the first choice for children at home.


Narrow trash can

For relatively narrow toilets, it is recommended not to choose an open trash can, which will be very crowded and will have a peculiar smell.


Toilet stool

You always feel uncomfortable when going to the toilet. You may lack a toilet stool, which not only makes it easy to go to the toilet, but also reduces constipation. There are children at home, and a toilet stool can also help children learn to use the toilet.


Double roll toilet paper holder

If you have a large population at home, it is recommended to use a double-roll paper toilet paper holder, so that one roll is commonly used and the other is spare to avoid the embarrassment of suddenly running out of paper in the bathroom

paper holder

Magic wipe broom

It is not easy to keep the bathroom floor clean and tidy for a long time, but with the magic wiper broom, all this can be super easy. Whether it’s a daily bath or the bathroom floor has accumulated water, I use a wiper broom to scrape the water. The effect is better than a mop, and there is no water mark.

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