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Powerful Interpretation Of The Beauty Of Fashion And Simplicity

Original Lin Xiaoxiong Kitchen And Bathroom Information

Italy, a country known as “designer paradise”, has given birth to many world-famous luxury brands of clothing, shoes, hats and bags, but no one may know about the “OXO bathroom”, a unique style of bathroom brand from Italy.

OXO bathroom, is one of the many original bathroom design brands nourished by Italy’s excellent design soil. “OXO” was born in 1879 in the northern Italian city of Padua, mainly engaged in the development and production of sanitary ware. 2005, OXO bathroom entered the Chinese market from the world’s design capital of Italy.

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01 Inherit the fashionable elements of Italy

“O for the circle, represents the never-ending creativity and dreams. X that is XX generation, represents the pursuit of fashion, the release of personality and vitality of the new era.” OXO bathroom brand responsible person informed the kitchen and bathroom information reporter, OXO contains the symbolic meaning.

OXO’s moral derived from the corporate vision – to become a global consumer favorite fashion bathroom enterprise; corporate mission – committed to the Italian fashion design concept into the product, so that consumers can enjoy the joy of products to improve their lives.

OXO bathroom is a brand from Italy, inherited the Italian fashion elements, cohesion of Italian simplicity, leisurely and light luxury design concept. OXO Group set up in Italy design and technology development headquarters, focusing on the design, development and research of the OXO series of new products, and integrated the most advanced Italian bathroom design concepts and production technology into every detail of each OXO bathroom product.

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In addition, OXO bathroom with today’s most advanced full set of production equipment, with the advanced technology and technology of Italy, with the Italian masterpiece of inspiration, the collection of the best ceramic technology talent, and the use of strict testing methods, perfect management system, excellent after-sales service, creating OXO’s position in the industry. Today it has become one of the most dynamic and creative sanitary ware manufacturers in the market.

Based on the Chinese market, OXO bathroom interprets the simple and elegant Italian bathroom culture with creative and extraordinary language, thus establishing the position of OXO products as the leading fashion trend in the industry.


02 Make the beauty of fashion and simplicity

At a time when minimalism is popular, OXO bathroom always insists on using simple bathroom design to create a pure and exquisite living space. Its use of the most visually striking design concepts and the most textured materials reflect the luxury of the product. The simplest color interpretation of lifestyle back to basics, bring consumers the visual beauty of pure simplicity.

In product design, the well-known Italian international team is involved in research and development as well as product application design. Design giants, OXO bathroom strives to create an Italian minimalist artistic temperament and the ultimate comfortable product experience, making OXO product quality, style, function and other high-end users and designers around the world won the favor. Nowadays, OXO bathrooms are found in high-end villas and high-end commercial buildings at home and abroad.

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 △ International Design Master

OXO products from the hands of Italian design masters are a perfect combination of inherited classics and modern innovation, calm and restrained and dynamic fashion, a new interpretation of post-modern and new European style of simplicity and elegance. At the same time, its simple and fashionable, outstanding style products for the pursuit of advanced quality of life of consumers bring a more pure and beautiful new experience of minimalist Italian-style bathroom. Its history of winning the “IF Design Award”, “Red Dot Design Award” and other internationally renowned awards has shown innovation, professionalism and strength to the industry and beyond.

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OXO bathroom in the imagination never stop, the courage to pioneer innovation. Fashionable design integrated with advanced technology, shaping the essence of the brand. Inspiration and passion collide with creativity to create beautiful but not complicated, fashionable and simple living space.


03 Fashion brand with both strength and charm

Italy, as the fashion capital of the world, has been perfectly interpreting the “meaning” of fashion. OXO sanitary ware with Italy’s unique artistic resources, light luxury, simplicity and vitality of the brand image to the world. The more classic elements extracted from the field of cross-border luxury, but also the style obtained after the elite.

OXO brand represents excellent quality and extraordinary value, each OXO products allow consumers to fully taste the Italian exquisite design philosophy, fully reflect the personal taste for simple and fashionable life.

Italian OXO bathroom, fashionable and elegant, simple and extraordinary.

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