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The Step On How To Install A Sensor Faucet

Sensor faucets are commonly known as automatic faucet or touchless faucet or motion sensing faucet. These faucets come equipped with a sensor and mechanism that allows water to flow in response to the hand’s presence in closeness to the faucet.

Having a sensor faucet in your bathroom has become an essential need nowadays as it requires no touching therefore, transmitting of germs and bacteria can be avoided. Installing a sensor faucet in your bathroom is a very easy process, you just need a sufficient water-supply pressure.


Steps for Installing a Sensor Faucet


  • Carefully remove the Sensor faucet from its packaging box.
  • Take the sensor tap and connect the faucet’s flexible hose and tighten firmly.
  • Adjust the flexible hose and sensor signal cable through the washbasin’s hole.
  • Securely fix the sensor tap to your required position on the washbasin.
  • Strongly attach all the fittings provided, tighten the sensor tap to the basin.
  • Open the battery section and insert 4x AA alkaline batteries.
  • Connect flexible pipe from the tap the ‘outlet’ point of the control unit.
  • Connect the sensor cable from your faucet to the control unit.
  • Your sensor faucet is now connected and will work.


The best part about the sensor faucet is that it works on either of a power mode. When both power modes connected, it will work on AC & if there is a power failure it will switch to DC automatically.

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