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Today, 2021 Hangzhou Golden Residence Award Ideas Will Screen The Living Space Design Circle

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Today is the fifth China Brand Day, the first thought session of 2021 Golden Residence Award – China Living Space Design Annual Selection jointly organized by Guangzhou Design Week and Jomoo was grandly held in Hangzhou Mukou Xixi Hotel. Yu Ying, executive director of Guangzhou Design Week Global Partners Alliance, and Lin Youxuan, general manager of Jomoo Group Custom Retail Center, attended the event to witness the collision of cutting-edge design thinking.

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At present, Chinese products are transforming into Chinese brands, and Chinese brands are going global, and the important position of design in it is self-evident. As the fourth largest bathroom brand in the world and the first in China, Jomoo has won 133 global design awards with its outstanding industrial design strength, ranking first in the industry and proving the strength of Chinese design to the world.

It is reported that the living space designers selected for the Golden Residence Award in 2020 have been extended to cover 200+ cities nationwide. In 2021, Jomoo will advocate for the design of living spaces with temperature in a wider scope and with greater strength, and the strong connection between Jomoo and the Golden Residence Award will definitely help the growth of Chinese living space designers, find living space designs with temperature and contribute to the creation of a better life for people!

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In this session, Xie Tian, the founder and design director of Hangzhou Design Office, Sun Yun, the partner and design director of Shengzunei Design Office, and Chen Feibo, the design director of Chen Feibo Design Office, shared their thoughts on living space design.

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“A house is for living, not just for looking at.” “A good design should be appropriate, a moderate design, and hopefully one that goes straight to the heart and is well used.” These unique design concepts coincide with the brand concept that Jomoo insists on. 30 years, Jomoo has been practicing to do the bathroom space with temperature. 30 years, Jomoo and the Golden Residence Award of the strong combination, will help promote a new upgrade of the home life scene, to provide more professional bathroom space and whole house space solutions for the Chinese people, the construction of a healthy and happy life.

Living space design needs beauty, but also needs temperature. The “temperature” of the design lies in the fine selection of materials, in the layout of space, in the hidden details, “warm hearts” is the highest realm of design. In recent years, Jomoo selected treasure blue M9, touch-free antibacterial pure realm set, fashionable personality of the dream set, elegant gray industrial style of the Eiffel set and other industry-leading bathroom space solutions, into custom personalized, humane, technology, to protect consumers’ healthy life, won the market warm response.

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In order to let the real “living space design with temperature” be seen by more people on the stage of the Golden Residence Award, the introduction of “boosters” is essential. In order to commend and praise the efforts of the “boosters”, 2021 Golden Residency Award has a special Golden Residency Ambassador appointment ceremony to encourage the discovery of more “warm living space design”. At the 2021 Hangzhou Golden Residence Award Meeting of Thought, Jomoo awarded honorary medals to a group of warm-hearted “Golden Residence Ambassadors” and commended Zhang Yiliang, general manager of Mingpin Decoration, Wang Yuwei, general manager of Shengdu Decoration, Zhu Xukang, general manager of Nanhong Decoration, Ling Chungong, chairman of Zhongbo Decoration, Zhang Lei, executive president of Jiuding-Jindi International, and Zhu Hui, the general manager of Maifeng Decoration, represented the industry “boosters”.

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The national brand leads the design to reshape life, and Jomoo promotes the transformation of national living space. Next, we will continue to carry out a series of activities related to the Jomoo Award, unlocking a hundred different philosophies of warm home design in various forms, such as online Jomoo lectures and offline tour sharing, helping China’s living space design standards to reach new heights and proving to the world the infinite explosive power of Chinese design!



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