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Wang Yongqi: Fashion, Art And Classics Are The Eternal Pursuit Of Sun-Coo Sanitary Ware

Original Wang Yao Kitchen And Bathroom Information 

On July 12, 2021, Sun-Coo Art Center was officially inaugurated. It made a stunning debut with a new image of art, fashion and life compatibility, which sparked a high degree of attention inside and outside the industry.

Sun-Coo navigates the blue sea of sanitary ware with the sail of art, and the unique brand tone is worth to taste and learn. In order to deeply explore the brand charm of Sun-Coo bathroom, Wang Yao, a reporter of kitchen and bathroom information, conducted an interview with Wang Yongqi, president of Sun-Coo bathroom, at the unveiling ceremony.

Wang Yongqi: Fashion, Art And Classics Are The Eternal Pursuit Of Sun-Coo Sanitary Ware - Blog - 1

▲The newest and most popular brand is Sun-Coo Sanitary Ware.


Fashion, Art, Classic

The inexhaustible power of Sun-Coo brand

“Sun-Coo has been focusing on fashion, art and classic elements since the beginning of its establishment. Today’s consumers, especially the post-90s consumers, can be said to be very concerned about the appearance, so the fashionability of the product is the first point of consideration when Sun-Coo builds its products. First of all, the appearance of the product should keep up with the times and catch the fashion. Secondly, the product’s function should be fashionable, such as the bathroom cabinet now popular intelligent light mirror. If there is no such function, it is not considered fashionable, so that the fashion pursued by Sun-Coo refers not only to the appearance, but also includes style, material selection, intelligence, humanized features and so on.” Wang Yongqi introduced to the kitchen and bathroom information reporter.

Wang Yongqi: Fashion, Art And Classics Are The Eternal Pursuit Of Sun-Coo Sanitary Ware - Blog - 2

Talking about the keyword “art”, Wang Yongqi proudly said, Sun-Coo is the “art” gene. Because Sun-Coo bathroom chairman Mr. Cao Yuyong himself is a painter. And Sun-Coo bathroom name is derived from the famous French post-impressionist painters Cézanne and Van Gogh, so that the Sun-Coo brand’s pursuit of art is unique. Artistic taste has been throughout the Sun-Coo brand and products, which is also a unique advantage of the Sun-Coo brand.

Bathroom products have experienced the Chinese consumers from scratch, from pragmatism to refinement. Practical function is the most basic requirement for the product, the ability to integrate the product into life as a classic is the ultimate demand of consumers, and this is also highly consistent with the positioning of the Sun-Coo brand. Wang Yongqi said, Sun-Coo bathroom is committed to creating fine products, creating classics, shaping products that can withstand the years. With “fashion, art, classic” brand tone, for consumers to interpret and present the beauty of life and wonderful. This is the original intention and inexhaustible motivation of Sun-Coo.


Improve user experience comprehensively

Make products that move users

“In the past, we all said we wanted to make products that satisfied users, but now Sun-Coo takes making products that move customers as the highest standard. When users are willing to recommend the Sun-Coo products they use to others to buy, only then we have reached our goal.” Wang Yongqi firmly said.

Stepping into the Sun-Coo Art Center, one can feel a strong sense of modernity. From products to decoration, from layout to style, Sun-Coo makes art and life scenes intermingle perfectly, creating a bathroom art space with a sense of the times and quality. The product design full of artistic sense is inevitably inseparable from the large investment in research and development, Wang Yongqi said: “Sun-Coo is a high-tech enterprise, so the research and development team is relatively large. In the development of products, Sun-Coo advocates the creation of a series of products, that is, from the bathroom inside the bathtub, shower, faucet, bathroom cabinets, toilets and other products to decorative pendants are developed in series. Although the production of fully-matched bathroom products is a large investment, but can provide consumers with a unified style of fashionable and beautiful bathroom products, which is worth doing.”

Wang Yongqi: Fashion, Art And Classics Are The Eternal Pursuit Of Sun-Coo Sanitary Ware - Blog - 3

▲Visiting the Sun-Coo bathroom “stuff museum”

In addition, Wang Yongqi mentioned that Sun-Coo bathroom in order to bring consumers a better product purchase experience, but also in the construction of stores, training of service personnel and product after-sales service has done a lot of work. For example, the Sun-Coo showroom of continuous innovation, is to bring consumers a more realistic product experience. sun-Coo art center is the latest generation of Sun-Coo product showroom. Here the products are presented to the public in a serialized way, and the display is closer to life. However, this kind of showroom presentation is more demanding for the boutique. Because in a boutique with the same area, going by product category can show more products. And according to the product attributes to show a unified style of the series of products, it needs enough space to present a sense of atmosphere, so in this aspect of the construction of the store Sun-Coo’s investment is also very large.

Wang Yongqi: Fashion, Art And Classics Are The Eternal Pursuit Of Sun-Coo Sanitary Ware - Blog - 4


Provide solutions for users

Rather than selling a single product

With the upgrading of consumption, the concept of consumers to buy products has quietly changed, shopping in the past is to buy a product, but now consumers need not only a product, but also a solution when shopping. Wang Yongqi said: “In the past, the store can be said to be just a product showroom, but now the store is more like a platform. Sun-Coo is gradually making changes so that the product display will eventually become part of the store and the negotiation area will become a key part of the store. In this area, service personnel trained in Sun-Coo’s professional products will customize home improvement solutions for consumers on site to meet their needs.”

As for the development of solutions, first of all, style and price level need to be decided by consumers. The material and function, on the other hand, should be based on the opinion of Sun-Coo’s service personnel. Because home decoration products are a low-frequency consumption products, unlike paper towels, food, etc. at home. For these daily consumables, consumers may have become experts. For home renovation in China, it is almost a cycle of about 15 years, maybe this suite is the second house you renovate. But the concept of renovation 15 years ago is outdated today, so consumers who supposedly know a lot about renovation are only more knowledgeable about certain aspects, and it is difficult to have a grasp of all home improvement products.

In addition, consumers have different occupations, different heights, different regions and different living habits, so the service staff in Sun-Coo stores will combine the needs of consumers to come up with the most suitable and matching solutions. It is also about providing customized solutions, which coincides with today’s home trends.

Wang Yongqi: Fashion, Art And Classics Are The Eternal Pursuit Of Sun-Coo Sanitary Ware - Blog - 5

Fashion as the anchor, art as the sail, the eternal classic, Sun-Coo bathroom brand charm comes not only from the pursuit of “fashion, art, classic”, but also from its dedication to the user experience. Concentrate on the product, do service with heart, and do brand sincerely. I believe that the future of Sun-Coo bathroom will be able to sail to the starry sea.



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