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What are the rubbish that can be thrown into the toilet

Garbage classification-

What is the rubbish that can be thrown into the toilet?

People are taking the time to identify garbage classification in Shanghai and other places in China.

Pet feces are wet garbage or dry garbage?

Some people think it will rot, almost the same as leftovers, so it is wet garbage.

Some people think that pet waste is dry garbage, especially after wrapping a napkin, it should be thrown into a dry trash can.

Some people asked, why not put it in the toilet of your own home?

what do you think?

Is it easy to cause the toilet to block if it is placed in your own toilet?

toilet 1

Some people think that the quality of the toilet is too bad, the impulse is not strong enough, and the ceramic quality of the toilet is not good enough.

1.The toilet needs to be rinsed clean, and the quality of the product must be good, the density of the ceramic is higher, so the water absorption rate is relatively stable.

2. The glazed surface needs to be smooth, and no bubbles or bumps are left.

3. The sewage pipe of the toilet needs to be large enough.

When you buy a smart toilet later, remember to buy those full-pipe glazing, and the pipeline is bigger, you will be more comfortable in the future.

In general, boosting siphon flushing and atmospheric negative siphon flushing are very clean and very powerful.

Of course, it is also more troublesome to clean your pet stools yourself every time. Guide the pets to learn to pull the feces in the toilet, it is a once-and-for-all business.

If you have something like cat litter at home, before you put the manure into the toilet, you should first understand the cat litter material, non-degradable material, then do not put it in the toilet.

For example: bentonite cat litter, zeolite cat litter, silica gel litter, mixed cat litter, crystal cat litter, sawdust litter, pine cat litter, etc., are non-degradable materials, belonging to dry garbage, do not throw into the toilet. (even if you have cat urine, or dry garbage)

Tofu cat litter and corn cat litter are degradable materials, so they can be directly thrown into the toilet.

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