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2021 Where The Wind Blows, April 6, Kitchen And Bathroom Information To Create The First Large Industry Forum To Start The Year

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The foundation of evergreen is the universal pursuit of enterprises, but the situation in the past 10 years shows that the life of enterprises is getting shorter and shorter. 2020, the epidemic makes more business owners think about how to make enterprises with the environment to evolve synchronously with the “advanced”, how to create a “century enterprise “. When the scale effect is no longer the driving force of rapid growth at this stage, how to maintain sustainable growth in the rapidly changing business environment.

In 2021, where will the wind blow in the kitchen and bathroom industry?




Full media coverage, digital marketing, event marketing and other buzzwords across the 2020 kitchen and bathroom industry throughout the year. In particular, [digital marketing] in the sudden epidemic environment in the industry continues to ferment, has become the focus of corporate attention to the development direction. In this year’s ceramic information, kitchen and bathroom information, ceramic network hosted by the [pottery industry observation bureau] column, [digital marketing] become one of the most frequently mentioned buzzwords. According to kitchen and bathroom information, the industry head enterprises started digital transformation and enterprise information construction as early as two years ago.

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The World Economic Forum published the “Employment Outlook 2020 Report (Future of Jobs 2020)” pointed out that business leaders in the continued focus on digital transformation. By 2026, nearly 26% of global GDP will be built on Internet-based and digitally connected industries.

In addition to live streaming becoming the main marketing channel of the future, how else will the kitchen and bathroom industry combine with the “trendy” [digital marketing]? Digital marketing] is just a slogan for companies to shout or should we sink our teeth into learning?




After more than 20 years of development on the scale, in addition to the value reconstruction brought by digitalization, most companies began to face the dilemma of growth, looking for new directions of growth.

Such as India, South Africa, Vietnam and other developing countries kitchen and bathroom market is growing rapidly. At the same time, the market in developing countries also needs “made in China” to enter, which also provides new growth for Chinese kitchen and bathroom companies interested in overseas expansion and improve the international influence of Chinese brands.

In addition, the new crown epidemic is having and will continue to have a significant global impact on M&A, with thousands of companies closing or cutting operations on a large scale and millions of people being laid off or furloughed so far in 2020, resulting in more opportunities for bargaining for quality resources in the global kitchen and bath industry.

What is the global kitchen and bath industry M&A landscape so far in 2020? And what roles are Chinese kitchen and bath players playing in it?




After nearly 30 years of development in the kitchen and bathroom industry, most companies are starting to enter a new generation to take over. The generation that has grown up embracing globalization has a more developmental vision and innovative thinking. Under their leadership, the demand for talents and the setting of positions are becoming different.

What are the changes in talent needs of companies? What kind of talents are increasingly needed by companies? What is the impact on the development of the company?

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Before 2012, the kitchen and bathroom industry is the era of retail channels are king, after 2012, the kitchen and bathroom industry is the era of omni-channel development, dealer channels, designer channels, real estate engineering channels, home improvement channels, e-commerce channels in full bloom. In addition, other industry cooperation, public works and other channels have also become a must-have place.

But no matter how the channel changes, the industry agreed that the traditional dealer channel is still the fundamental development. Therefore, investment is also a key topic of discussion within the industry, kitchen and bath enterprises can continue to develop healthily. The first thing to focus on is the number of annual investment and the number of dealers to keep.

In 2021, the kitchen and bathroom industry channels will point to where the wind direction? Kitchen and bath enterprises and how to develop smoothly in the dealer channel?




In the past, kitchen and bathroom companies focus on the brand, the service is relatively weak. With the emergence of hardcover houses, turnkey, some brands have become the installation team door-to-door service, to solve the phenomenon of uneven installation quality in the market.

Secondly, the potential of secondary decoration, old room renovation market is growing day by day, especially in the case of high housing prices in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the market for renovation and decoration of old rooms will seem very attractive. How to take this freshly baked cake through the service of kitchen and bathroom enterprises is worth thinking about the topic.


In 2021, the kitchen and bathroom industry, “service wind” will blow more fierce some? How should companies enhance the brand’s premium capacity through service?






The new crown epidemic in 2020 is “catastrophic” for exhibition parties, and the postponement and cancellation of exhibitions have become the norm, and the alternative is the emergence of various digital “cloud exhibitions”. Digitalization will link global manufacturers, traders and buyers together to realize exhibition and shopping without leaving home.


In 2021, as the negative impact of the epidemic gradually decreases, most domestic exhibitions and some international exhibitions will gradually recover. What innovative products will be brought by brands?





The emergence of industry forums has greatly promoted the development of the industry, such as kitchen and bathroom information, ceramic and sanitary network held over the years [Kitchen and bathroom industry summit forum], [intelligent bathroom forum] and last year held [# brainstorming, face the crisis # online forum] and so on.


But with the form of the forum in the industry more and more, the quality of the forum also presents a mixed phenomenon. So the industry’s major forums are just a lively, gathering personal popularity? Or should focus on resource matching, branding and content creation? What new hot spots will be created in the future kitchen and bathroom information? What new columns are introduced?


2021 where the wind blows?


The answer will be in April 6 by ceramic information, kitchen and bathroom information, ceramic network hosted by the [2021 where the wind blows? And ceramic information, kitchen and bathroom information, ceramic network strategy upgrade conference] in detail for everyone.


At that time, [2021 where the wind blows? And ceramic information, kitchen and bathroom information, ceramic and bathroom network strategy upgrade conference] the organizers will invite ceramic, bathroom industry in various fields of expertise combined with the industry’s hottest topics to bring you exciting content to share.

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April 6 is ceramic information, kitchen and bathroom information, ceramic and bathroom network was established 14 years of the big day, in return for industry readers to our love, we will also be in this memorable day for you to bring you an elaborate summary and analysis of the industry over the past fourteen years since the establishment of the company, dedicated to the industry and participants of our most sincere feelings.



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