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China Brand Day丨Huida Bathroom Appeared In The “News Broadcast”, For The Chinese Brand To Build Strength

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May 10, 2021, China’s independent brands of the annual event “China Brand Day” activities held in Shanghai Exhibition Center. This year’s China Brand Day activities by the National Development and Reform Commission jointly with the Ministry of Propaganda, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Market Regulation, Intellectual Property Office and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, the State Council SASAC special support, the event aims to fully implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council on brand development decisions and plans, continue to play a leading role in brand, promote the formation of a strong domestic market, to help build a new development pattern and accelerate the construction of a strong brand country. The event adopts an online and offline “resonance” approach to showcase the new achievements and new image of Chinese brands. The main responsible comrades of Shanghai Municipal Government and the director of National Development and Reform Commission attended the opening ceremony and the main forum of the event.

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During the event, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, gave an important instruction to the event. The instruction pointed out that “strengthening brand building and enhancing the influence and competitiveness of China’s brands are important measures to optimize supply, expand demand and promote high-quality development.”

At 10:00 a.m. on May 10, the online cloud pavilion and offline pavilion were officially opened. With the theme of “Jipin new life” Hebei special exhibition area, which invited a total of 12 internationally renowned enterprises such as Huida bathroom, Great Wall wine, Junlebao, etc. Huida bathroom as the “treasure of the pavilion” in the Hebei exhibition area. Representatives of Chinese bathroom brands, for the China Brand Day added a lot of “heat value”. The site of the 7001 intelligent toilet “people over that open” also attracted a lot of audience onlookers and manual praise.

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During the same period, Huida Sanitary Executive President Yin Kang was invited to attend the event, and accepted the CCTV, Hebei News and other authoritative media interviews. Mr. Yin Kang believes that China Brand Day integrates the outstanding enterprises in the country and the world, and integrates the authoritative media resources and professional think-tanks in China. It provides an important carrier and channel to expand the influence of Chinese brands, and is an important initiative to boost Chinese brands into global brands. Chinese brands need to be led by industry trends and policy dividends to make Chinese brands stronger and bigger, and stand at the top of the world to look into the future.

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(Video from CCTV news broadcast)

In this year’s brand day activities more than 1500 exhibitors, Huida bathroom as the only enterprise representative accepted the CCTV media interview. Executive President Yin Kang said in the CCTV interview: “The scale and technology of Chinese manufacturing has improved, bringing more confidence to the enterprise. Consumers both at home and abroad also have more trust in Chinese products and brands.”


(Video from CCTV Dynasty News)

On behalf of Chinese brands in the international market, not only to excel in the domestic market, but also in the international market, Huida bathroom as a leading brand in China’s bathroom industry, as early as 2005 won the “Ministry of Commerce in 2005, No. 3 announcement” in the ″Key cultivation and development of export brands″, opened a new chapter of Chinese ceramics, shared by the world.

In the afternoon, the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission first-class inspector Gao Junzhao, deputy director of the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology Xu Kehua, deputy director of the Hebei Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Li He-yi, deputy director of the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Administration Wang Puzeng, Hebei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs second-class inspector Zheng Hongwei and other leaders visited the relevant exhibition area, in the Huida exhibition area Mr. Yin Kang for the visiting leaders for a detailed explanation.

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(Huida bathroom CEO Yin Kang for the visiting leaders to explain Huida story)

Over the years, Huida bathroom always regard the “Chinese brand to go out” as its responsibility, follow the guidelines of the Party and the country. It has been listed since 2017, Huida Sumitomo, 5G digital intelligence factory, Huimei technology, Tangshan new production line, new VI image, new marketing model. Huida bathroom targeting intelligent, green, healthy production and consumption structure changes, adhere to the innovation-driven. It relies on the excellent brand strength, reliable quality assurance, and constantly study the market business model. Up to now, Huida sanitary products and services cover more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and in more than 70 countries and regions overseas to operate as their own brands, forming a global coverage of the domestic and international double-loop model enterprises, the real Chinese brand to all corners of the world.

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Double-loop. It is never a product, the market “moving” slogan, but to follow the domestic and international consumer demand winds, create demand and market, and coordinate the two markets of the virtuous cycle model.

In the ceramic sanitary industry, Huida sanitary took the lead to embark on the “double cycle” road. From the main foreign sales more than 20 years ago, to the domestic retail sales more than 10 years ago, and then to the last two years, “domestic and international double cycle”, each new development pattern Huida sanitary ware can quickly respond and achieve promising results. In the internal cycle, Huida bathroom seized the opportunity to promote domestic consumption, and expanded domestic demand, digging deep potential. Especially since 2019, Huida sanitary ware on the original basis to further accelerate the layout of the domestic market. At the same time, in 2021, Huida 5G digital intelligence factory in Chongqing will be put into operation, which will share the production pressure for Tangshan headquarters, and also assume the burden of internal circulation increment. It provides consumers with healthier and more intimate products and services with the concept of independent innovation.

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In terms of external circulation, considering Huida bathroom in more than 100 countries and regions around the world layout, Huida bathroom focuses on expanding diversified markets, insights into new markets and consumer demand, to create world-class quality to promote the growth of external circulation. For example: Huida bathroom Japan Fukuoka new materials laboratory is important part of Huida bathroom to improve the degree of internationalization of the industry, the development of internationalization strategy. At the same time, Huida bathroom actively participated in many types of international exhibitions, on behalf of Chinese bathroom brands and international brands on the same stage, showing the strength of not bad.

“Seize the ‘toilet revolution’ based on the first to launch the ‘New Infrastructure Industry Alliance’. It actively participates in the transformation of old neighborhoods and new infrastructure, as well as in the competition for major national projects. Especially targeting markets such as bathroom renovation and home intelligence, thus driving rapid growth in domestic sales, Huida set up a special team to participate in the construction of key projects in Xiongan New Area and the Winter Olympics. This is Huida rational use of ‘double cycle’ achievement, but also the dividends of national policy support.” Mr. Yin Kang said.

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(Huida bathroom executive president Yin Kang interviewed by Hebei News Network)

In the China Brand Day interview session, Mr. Yin Kang said proudly to the interviewer: “Huida sanitary ware will be ‘quality first, brand first’ as a guideline for competing in the international market, and insist on doing quality, not low price for export. At the same time, increases brand investment in publicity, official sponsorship of Chinese women’s volleyball team, “Miss Beauty” variety show. It also cooperated with CCTV Great Nation Brand Strategy, was selected as ‘Brand National Team’, and the 127th Canton Fair was inspected by Premier Li Keqiang Yun. It also became the only foreign media “bathroom big player” selection list of Chinese sanitary ware enterprises.”


In the future, Huida sanitary ware will accelerate the internationalization process, increase the innovation of new technology and new product development, and explore the product selling points and marketing highlights. It will also actively introduce and train international composite talents, learn and learn from the international advanced marketing concepts and models. It aspires to become a “leading international brand” and win more applause and flowers in the internationalization process.



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