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For The Beautiful Design, The Stunning Release Of The New Summer Huida Bathroom 2021

Huida Bathroom Kitchen And Bathroom Information

May 27, Huida bathroom product design strategy and 2021 summer new product launch was held. The conference to “for the good design” as the theme, using online, offline resonance mode, brought a number of outstanding new bathroom for the dealer partners and the majority of consumers. They think what the user wants, design for a better life.

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In Huida bathroom product design strategy and 2021 summer new product launch site, CCTV “big brand into a record” producer Wu Gang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Antai School of Economics and Management Professor, Huida bathroom senior adviser Lv Wei, founder of the new infrastructure industry alliance and livable China Alliance, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Public Opinion Laboratory chief expert, Huida bathroom senior adviser Liu Zhiming, Haier water networking ecological general manager Zheng Wei, Haier water networking bath ecological micro general manager Wang Jianzhong, Haier water networking ecological operations director Sun Yuan, kitchen and bathroom information founder Yu Zhenrong and other guests attended.

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Huida bathroom president Wang Yanqing, Huida bathroom executive president Yin Kang, Huida bathroom executive vice president Wang Jia, Huida bathroom vice president Zhang Chunyu, Xing Jinrong, Fang Shuihua, Yang Chun, Huida bathroom product industrial design director Wei Wei, Huida bathroom intelligent balcony cabinet division director Luo Xianfeng and other company leaders were also present. During the period, kitchen and bathroom information and other authoritative media launched a full live broadcast.

The launch began, Huida bathroom president Wang Yanqing delivered a wonderful speech, the leaders and guests here expressed a warm welcome and thanks for coming. He stressed: design is an important driving force of innovation, but also drive the core force of brand evolution. All along, Huida insists on using innovative design and R & D wisdom to promote the transformation and upgrading of the brand and provides power for people’s better life. We believe that the aesthetics of home life is an important element of the process of human civilization. To the original heart with craftsmanship, Huida would like to use each product to convey the love and praise of life.

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Huida bathroom president Wang Yanqing

At the same time, CCTV “big brand” chief producer Mr. Wu Gang for the big brand and big design delivered an important speech. He said: “Chinese design has experienced more than 40 years of development. From self-reflection to re-understanding, from the traditional gene cultivation to the era of innovation, ‘big country design’ image has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The bathroom industry under the consumer upgrade, design-driven performance growth, product value continues to improve. This will be the new trend. huida bathroom as a member of the brand national team, take up the ‘big country design’ responsibility to help deliver a beautiful culture, the initiative to intervene in life. It promotes innovation and plays a vital role in the development of China’s ceramic sanitary industry.”

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CCTV “big country brand” chief producer Wu Gang

Huida bathroom executive president Mr. Yin Kang released the “Huida bathroom product design strategy”, and said: “Over the years, China’s traditional industries from the “Made in China” is gradually moving towards the “Chinese tide”, “Chinese beauty”, product design strategy. “Chinese beauty”. Products from practical to the user to produce pleasure, from functional design to brand value-driven design. Next Huida bathroom will be technology, elegance, classic, simplicity, humanistic design gene as a grip, adhering to the ‘rather smash millions of pieces, not sold once disabled’ product philosophy. It opened up five technology platforms of forward-looking project development, corporate social responsibility, to the standard of artwork to polish the product. In the face of today’s intensified competition for talent and technology, design will also become the new growth inflection point. Huida bathroom will take advantage of a good time to be active in the forefront of the Chinese market. It will be ‘minimalist’, ‘national trend’ and other design styles, reshape the great design and Chinese aesthetics, to create more value for the great design, bathroom aesthetics.”

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Huida bathroom executive president Yin Kang

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Huida bathroom 5 technology platform

Then is the “design for good” Huida bathroom product design strategy release and 2021 summer new product release link. Huida bathroom product industrial design director Wei Wei, brought the global consumers and dealers friends had won the red dot award, iF design award and other honors of the half-moon series suite and MII intelligent interactive bathroom suite products. Luo Xianfeng, director of Huida Intelligent Home Division balcony cabinet brought the industry’s first SMC material of the new custom balcony cabinet.

At the same time, for the age of two children, three generations in the same room, Huida bathroom design four zones to separate the efficient use of bathroom solutions. Among them, rectangular bathroom can be disposed of sink, toilet, shower area side by side. The sink is used most frequently and does not have to focus on privacy, placed in the middle. The shower and toilet are separated on two sides and do not interfere with each other. For a square bathroom, a triple separation design puts the shower and toilet side by side. The sink is placed near the door. Such a reasonable layout, easy to use.

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Huida bathroom solutions for the second child era bathroom

The newly launched Half Moon series suite will be a blend of Chinese style and modern elements. The product reflects a unique flavor of the new Chinese furniture from various aspects such as color, material and details. It is not only warm and simple, but also modern and stylish. The mirror cabinet not only has storage functions, but also integrates intelligent systems such as drying and sterilization, making bathroom storage more secure.

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The unique Chinese style of Half Moon Suite shower room gives life to the shower area by using material collision, color contrast, ultra-thin border, detail embellishment and form innovation.

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The MII Smart Interactive Bathroom Suite is inspired by architectural aesthetics. The concealed built-in side cabinets, extra-wide one-piece rock slab basin, with concealed dual-sensing soap dispenser, create extremely clean 0 pollution wash, interactive heart rate breathing light, echoing the user’s emotional expression in different states. Wisdom information interconnection era, MII wisdom interactive bathroom suite let voice interaction become daily.

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In terms of hardware, Huida bathroom at this conference brought 12-color Neo series, Xi Xi series, Paile series and many other design award-winning products.

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Wei Wei said, “Huida bathroom released in the summer of 2021 new products, with ‘ for the good design ‘ as the theme, in order to meet the quality requirements of consumers, fully enhance the intelligent bathroom, bathroom cabinets, hardware sanitary ware, balcony cabinets and other categories of products such as design competitiveness, design to empower good life.”

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Huida bathroom product design director Wei Wei

2021 summer new balcony cabinet series, the main material for the aerospace space aluminum. The basin is made of SMC polymer material, which ensures that Huida custom balcony cabinets are resistant to falls, abrasion, tasteless, formaldehyde free and other advantages.

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“Compared to the traditional balcony cabinets on the market, Huida’s new custom balcony cabinets are based on its unique assembly solution. It can also do three fast: First, the fast production. The factory can supply in 2 days. 3-7 days can be installed. Second, fast customization. It uses modular customization. 55-65% of the customization can be done independently at the front end. The product matching rate is high and the supply efficiency is high. Third, installation is fast. The disassembly and assembly structure is greatly simplified. Patented design latch, 10 minutes to complete the cabinet installation.” Luo Xianfeng said confidently.

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Huida bathroom intelligent balcony cabinet division director Luo Xianfeng

The conference, Huida sanitary ware and Haier also jointly released the “intelligent ecological water linkage strategy. This represents Huida bathroom once again penetrate the water networking ecosystem. The two sides will set their respective industry-leading advantages, and jointly build a smart ecological bathroom. Haier water networking ecological general manager Zheng Wei said, Haier and Huida’s strong combination, will be based on the combination of their respective technical advantages, and work together to create a bathroom scene ecological solutions, together for the user to define the “new living” wisdom life.

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Haier water networking ecological general manager Zheng Wei

As China’s bathroom brand pride, Huida bathroom always takes “consumer satisfaction” as the ultimate goal. They will continue to improve the quality of products and services, and the use of forward-looking design level, in line with social consumption upgrade and consumer demand for high-quality sanitary home products. Therefore, continue to integrate many innovative and forward-looking design concepts and unique wisdom lifestyle into the product design, to reconstruct the future of the living environment and home life design ideas for consumers, so that the design value can be maximized, presenting the new look of China’s future design power, with each product to deliver the praise of life.



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