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Huida Bathroom Won Six If Design Award 2021 Product Design Awards

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Recently, Huida bathroom minimalist round Nio faucet, “YinYang two yi” series of cabinet basin, “Half-moon” new in the bathroom cabinet, Chic series hardware, infinity, Pillar series faucet and other six series of products won the iF Design award 2021 product design award, on behalf of the national brand in Germany shine.

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Founded in 1953, iF Design Award is one of the most important design awards in the world, known as the “Oscars of product design”. Under the supervision of the iF Award’s “independent, rigorous and reliable” award concept, Huida Sanitary Ware won six product design awards, which is a recognition of Huida by consumers and a confirmation of Huida’s innovative design concept by the organizing committee.


Minimalist Round Nio Faucet

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The series of products highlight the unique and minimalist, but also increase the usability of the faucet. In the design of the tree branch shape, creative handle embedded in the body of the faucet, so that it is perfectly integrated with the body, in order to outline the lines of the least faucet, in line with the shape of minimalism characteristics. At the same time, such design and color combination can bring freshness to customers.


“YinYang two yi” series cabinet basin

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Huida “YinYang two yi” series of cabinet basin, design references the ancient Chinese civilization in the “two yi” concept, the use of the cabinet basin surface is divided into two sides, “Yang” that is Dry area, “Yin” that is, the wet area, highlighting the impact of the cabinet basin for life. The appearance of the asymmetric design style, square basin edge with a round basin shape, meaning “heaven and earth”. In addition, the two-color ceramic glaze process, realize the same ceramic on the two-color process, the overall look and feel stylish and durable. Let the cabinet basin is both a relaxation harbor, but also the work of the preparation table.


“Half-moon” new in the bathroom cabinet

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Huida “Half-moon” new in the bathroom cabinet, design inspiration from Su Shi’s “water tuning song – How long will the full moon appear?” in the “The moon is bright or dim”, pointing out that the shape of things are not static, half-moon also has its unique Chinese mood.The product integrates Chinese style with modern elements to create a new feeling of Chinese furniture. The asymmetric door division breaks the original symmetrical aesthetics of Chinese furniture and preserves the elegant walnut wood grain of Chinese temperament. The “half-moon handle” is the finishing touch of the work. The traditional Chinese craft of half hollowing and half inlay is matched with the modern minimalist appearance, and the gold handle is delicate and elegant, with the light mirror and metal line embellishment of the heavenly circle. The product reflects a unique flavor of medium and high-grade new Chinese furniture from all aspects such as color, material and details. The design and award of this product reflects the exemplary role of Chinese national enterprises.


Chic Series Hardware

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The design concept of elegance and eternity runs through the entire Huida Chic series, with geometric elements as the basic form and the cross-sectional shape of “D” shape design, which runs through each piece. The front shape is rounded, soft and elegant, while the back shape is extracted from the hard and square architectural style, which is both rigid and soft. A variety of plating colors, anti-fingerprint plating process, so that touch does not leave traces, but also gives the industrial style, minimalist style and light luxury style and other different styles of bathroom space. The knob adopts a tactile texture anti-slip design, and the rotation feels smooth and comfortable. The entire Chic series is fashionable and classic, but not out of date, with high degree of compatibility, to meet the user’s different use and aesthetic needs and other multiple advantages, and has obtained a lot of praise.


Infinity basin

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Huida Wuji basin infinity uses 18mm ultra-thin technology, the overall shape of the simple and forward-looking. Design inspiration from the Tao Te Ching, embodying the “Tao” of the boundless, endless, infinite, endless. This washbasin incorporates this idea of boundlessness into the design, ultra-thin without borders, without a sense of boundaries. The washbasin adopts a streamlined surface that flows inward and extends softly and smoothly, bringing an unrestrained, free and forgetful emotional experience. Basin shape is runway round, surrounded by curved surface without a sense of boundary design. Hidden overflow hole design, while achieving the function, but also more simple and beautiful.


Huida bathroom Pillar series faucet

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Huida bathroom Pillar series faucet, symbolizing the harmony of the form and the inclusiveness of the collocation, the integration of square and round elements, designed like a sculpture like a steady feeling.In addition, Pillar scientific water angle with micro bubble water, can bring velvety water experience, is the ultimate embodiment of modern light luxury style. Luxury but not ostentatious, vivid but not artificial, fresh and natural and unique sense of seniority.

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All along, Huida bathroom adhere to the “design for life” product concept. In the product function level to apply the concept to the actual, not only enrich the product diversification, but also improve the sense of the user value of the product.  Embodying the Huida sanitary ware for the product’s internal and external repair, not only ensures the external practicality of the product, but also meets the internal needs of consumers. At the same time, Huida bathroom relying on the company’s “Beijing + Tangshan + Foshan” three R & D design center, and “postdoctoral workstation” “national industrial design center” and other strong R & D designResources, constantly pushing the new, has been widely recognized by the domestic and international markets. We have won many domestic and foreign authoritative awards, such as Germany Red Dot Award, Italy A’Design Design Award, American IDEA Design Award, China Red Star Award and Cotton Tree Award.



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